Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oracle open world day 2

Went to the hcm keynote On mobile and social for two reasons - one I find that the fusion apps stuff gives us a good view on what new features we will get in adf and webcenter also it gives you a good idea in what end users want in an application. What I saw was really impressive the mobile interface is slick and feature rich. Also I have a history with hcm applications so it was good.

Then it was on to a user panel on webcenter content the panel of guests where kind of new to content(one only went into production this month) so it was kind of basic but good. The customer feedback dos and donts could not have more rich.

The I attended a talk by Sten Vesterli of scott tiger - a very good basics talk on 10 "secrets" of a sucessful adf project. If you are not following these rules you should be. But again very basic.
1. Catalog what components you use and how
2. Under promise over deliver
3. Use poc
4. Package
5. Extend
6. Get and use a wiki
7. Nutcracker this is a dev role some who cracks the hard problems
8. Version control make sure you have vc ci ant maven
10.  Logging use the inbuilt adf logger

I then skipped the cloud keynote to talk to some of the vendors and see a couple of demos. Very cool stuff coming soon on the fmw platform.
Fast scalable fusion middleware applications - good informative presentation taught me something and reminded me other tuning opportunities. 

There is a jsp timeout parameter
Set initial cacity to 0 db pool
Llr reduce load for 2 phase commit
Databsae statistics always check and tune
Gridlink data source
If using Oracle db driver switch weblogic cache off
Parallel muxer -Dweblogic.SocketReaders
Fusion application
Chunk pool

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