Thursday, September 26, 2013

Oracle open world 2013 - day 3

Keynote - modern customer experience to start off my day.

ADF fusion architecture manage the modular approach - a bit of information overload on this one but good ideas never the less. Take home fact use artifactory again.

Real world adf implementations - wow talk of the day TIA the Danish company did a forms migration in a year very impressive (had help from AMIS) still good though. The german guy from BA just wow one of the most impressive systems I have seen. Approached in exactly the way I think adf should be used  he spoke of the industrilization of software and a framework on top of ADF great. Then the Aussies doing mobile Colab really impressive set of technologies and challenges security using saml. Really great stuff  all around

BI publisher - nice overview I really need to do more with our implementation.
Hacking your way to a better application - good ideas but mostly a basic overview

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