Monday, September 23, 2013

Oracle open world 2013 : Day 1

So far so good made it to San Francisco alive will post some feedback on sessions here

Keynote on big data : good ideas hadoop nosql integration. Data is our future. Very Cloudy.

Not a good start to the Web Center overview few technical presentation problems, turn out not too bad in the end. Adaptive design and enhanced search. Sites looks good on the new version. Form factor really...

Oracle ADF Applications in Multiple Layers - best presentation of the day in my opinion focussed on MDS very informative made me realize a post of the mysteries of mds is long overdue.

Simplifying Architecture the Restful way - Going to be good when we are on 12c release and this is available.

Solaris App performance on Solaris - good tips here on mainly focussed on C++ dev.

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