Thursday, April 11, 2013

Orace SQL: Search through all PLSQL package bodies for a string

SELECT * FROM user_source WHERE upper(text) like '%Your Search here%'  AND type = 'PACKAGE BODY';


SELECT * FROM all_source WHERE upper(text) like '%Your Search here%';

Friday, April 5, 2013

ADF: Design view not rendering tags

Ok so I had two problems today with design view.

1) None of my tags where rendering in design view - This was a dependent library problem.
  I had added the web center libraries manually to my project and had somehow removed the personalization
  library this lead to a ClassNotFound error in my message log simple to fix once you know where to look.

2) Second problem vexed me for a while my c:set jstl tag libraries where just NOT rendering correctley in design view. This turned out to be a checkbox Execute Tags in JSP Visual Editor was unchecked.

[Project Properties > JSP Tag Libraries]