Monday, April 4, 2011

ADF skinning cavets

af|panelHeader::title-text0 - Changes the header title details for a panel header.
.AFLabelDisabled:alias - Alias for diabled text labels.

More to come

Friday, April 1, 2011

Forms to ADF


Make technology decision
Address technical challenges (Pooling, etc).
Create framework, architecture and standards etc.
Team split assigning a resource from the framework with each team.

Documentation of poc process
Take a meduim size form for the conversion.

Questions you should ask
How is connection pooling going to effect you.
Do you use global temp tables.
How is your auditing done.
Do you have login triggers.

Comparing DB, original and new values in Entity Object to see if things have changed

Object dbVal = getPostedAttribute(ATTRIB);
Object currentVal = this.getAttribute(ATTRIB);
return dbVal.equals(currentVal);

OR for orginal vs current

Object origVal = super.getAttribute(ATTRIB, EntityImpl.ORIGINAL_VERSION);
Object currentVal = this.getAttribute(ATTRIB);
return origVal.equals(currentVal);