Friday, February 24, 2012

Really now wtf : Jdeveloper released

Warning Rant to follow :
So where is which has weblogic 10.3.6 and why two streams why not migrate the SOA/ Webcentre stuff etc to 11.1.2 and be done with it. I vote for one stream for all.

Interesting addtitions:
Drag and Drop on Touch Devices: On touch devices like tablets, the component drag and drop has a different gesture than with the mouse. An item that can be dragged must activated by a tap and hold gesture. The item will change its appearance to indicate that it can be dragged once held long enough. The same gesture applies to reordering table columns. Tap and hold the column header, then drag it to reorder the columns.

MySQL Support: ADF Business Components have been tested with MySQL 5.5

Improved Compression of JavaScript: By using improved obfuscation techniques, the size of the compressed ADF JavaScript libraries has decreased by an average of 20% across all libraries.


  1. There is an upcoming patch soon for those on the 11.1.2 stream, and then the big 12c release. This release was more to cater for those still on the 11.1.1.x versions.

    But I agree with you: "One stream to rule them all, One stream to find them, One stream to bring them all and in the darkness bind them!" ;-)

  2. You might like to read "Which JDeveloper is right for me?" -

    Thanks for the blog, lots to read and digest. Keep up the good work.