Friday, February 17, 2012

Nexus vs Artifactory : My experience

Nexus :
Artifactory :

We needed a repository manager for our maven builds and decided to evaluate  Nexus (I had used Artifactory many time before and needed no evaluation).

I found the Nexus UI was slicker and easier to use than Artifactory also like the file system storage idea. Very cool product.

Unfortunatley we ran into some issues the Nexus builds we were doing where slower and kept timing out and blocking the repos.
(The error was : this is 3 (re)try, cause: Connection reset)
NOTE: we are going through a proxy to get to the internet and could be the cause of the Nexus problem

This was probably a configuration issue but I could not find a solution easily.
So hi-ho hi-ho its back to Artifactory we go.

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