Monday, December 19, 2011

Development Philosophy : Travelling Technologist

Warning: Rant about what is in my head and how to solve the problem.

I have noticed a trend in small companies to overspend on IT items. Examples of this are buying vendor product when they are way more than they need (and open source can do). Hiring the wrong kind of people to create small systems and wasting money. Also the only options for small companies (who can afford the cost of enterprise development) is to get shoddy work from whoever they can find or to buy product.

They do not have the cash to hire someone to advise them in a permanent capacity on the technology side.

What are they looking for: Someone that is trusted with a passion for delivering the correct solution for the job. Someone with knowledge across multiple disciplines of IT who can be called on when needed to give advice and also when things go wrong.

What they are not looking for: Salesman, time and money wasters and high cost projects.

My solution to this would be to create a role for a “travelling” technologist. Someone who know what they are doing and has been vetted by some organization or council or by word of mouth(still thinking of how you could trust your technologist) . Maybe someone in the industry that operates after hours in this capacity would be ideal.

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