Friday, October 14, 2011

Weblogic: Log Filter Kung Fu

This so made my happy today I have some error/warining messages that annoy the hell out of me and clutter up my dev. (Ignorable messages but we redirect stdout to the log files)

So I know this is just hiding the problem but some messages are just worth the effort to hide and not to fix:

1) Click on your domain (DefaultDomain)  link on the left hand menu. Then Click on the log filter tab (second row of tabs). Then Click new. Give your log filter a funky name.

2) Create the filter info by clicking Edit. The below example shows how to exclude any message with the text '' in the message see link at the end for all filter syntax. Click Save.

3) Navigate to the  Enviroment>Server link on the LHM and then choose your server. Click on the Logging General tab. Make sure you select the Advanced Hyperlink.

4) Select your new filter for any log you wish to filter - and there you go.

Make sure Redirect stderr logging enabled and Redirect stdout logging enabled are checked on the server (DefaultServer>Logging>General) you wish to filter. (Advanced tab)



  1. Hi, I tried many times but the errors still show up. The version I used is Do you know why?

    1. Ok so figured it out...

      I always put the following flags (Redirect stderr logging enabled, Redirect stdout logging enabled) on on my weblogic by default.
      So just switch them on and it will work.
      Sorry about that will update the post.

  2. will check it out on tomorrow and let you know.