Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ADF: Rollback findings - generic rollback ordering of iterators

Ok so a couple of our screens where not working with the generic rollback I wrote.
I was getting a key not found exception.
Through a bit of debugging i found the problem, I was using getDCBindingContainer().getAllIterBindingList() to get a list of iterators use in the page I was on - the problem with this is if the bindings on your page are not in order you could end up refreshing the child iterator before refreshing the parent and thus your keys will not be correct.

I swapped the order of my iterators in the page binding and it all worked.

I now need to write some code to refresh the parents first then the children.

Here we go


ArrayList list = ADFUtils.getDCBindingContainer().getAllIterBindingList();
for(Object listItem : list) {
  if(bondage.getViewObject() instanceof ViewObjectImpl) {
    ViewObjectImpl vo = (ViewObjectImpl) bondage.getViewObject();
      if(vo.isPagePositionSet()) {
        RowSetIterator[] mrsi = vo.getMasterRowSetIterators();
        if(mrsi != null) {
          for(RowSetIterator parentIterator : mrsi) {
            if(parentIterator instanceof ViewObjectImpl) {
              ViewObjectImpl parentVO = (ViewObjectImpl) parentIterator;

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  1. Nice to read this! For me, the default rollback is the worst thing in Oracle ADF!