Monday, September 26, 2011

ADF : On the hunt for connection leaks

We changed our connection pool to only use connection pools in weblogic and also to swap connection pool depending on a login selection (

We are now running out of connections at a rapid rate - each task flow seems to create 2 new connections so off to weblogic console I go. (Enviroment\Servers\[YourServer]\Monitioring\JDBC).

To monitor the info I used the dashboard (dont forget to push the play button):
http://[your server]:7101/console/dashboard

Will update this thread as the hunting progresses.

Ok so my hunting ended in disappointment today - there where no connection leaks here is my scenario:
We had multiple AM's working off the same Data source. Each Application module had the value of Referenced Pool Size set to ten. Each request to a taskflow created a new application module and thus a new connection only once the Referenced Pool Size value of connections where reached did it start reusing AMs and connections.

So lessons learned and an important exercise.

Initial Info used:

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