Wednesday, August 28, 2013

ADF: PS5 to PS6 upgrade which turned into a PS7 webcenter and adf upgrade

First thing I noticed is that clicking a link on a tab or menu disabled the link, had to style my tabs for this as the tab would vanish while loading -

af|panelTabbed::header af|panelTabbed::tab:disabled af|panelTabbed::tab-start { background-image: url("/skins/images/my_tab_start_d.png"); }
af|panelTabbed::header af|panelTabbed::tab:disabled af|panelTabbed::tab-content { background-image: url("/skins/images/my_tab_mid_d.png"); }
af|panelTabbed::header af|panelTabbed::tab:disabled af|panelTabbed::tab-end { background-image: url("/skins/images/my_tab_end_d.png"); }

The other problem was with some really old code that had only transient attributes in a vo - after 5 minutes on a screen and reclicking we would get a null pointer exception. Fixed this by marking passivate transient objects on the vo and cleaning up some old code.

Also had a few navigation with web center menu errors.

Skyros upgrade will take a lot of work to integrate with our styles sooooo this will have to wait we are on a tight deadline.

UPDATE : Not a smooth upgrade, problems include transients in view objects getting passivated more frequently, refresh issues, etc. (Mostly troubles with old code not functioning as it did).

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