Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Web Center ADF : What a dirty little problem MDS override customizations

I have a customizable table where you can save sort orders to the database (custom not mds driven - don't ask why - you don't want to know).

So everything works for me locally but upon deployment to Web Center once you have moved one column everything has that column order in the table no matter what until you close the browser and re login.

Not I have no MDS configured on my local box.

Turns out someone turned mds config on in my project properties thus rendering my custom ordering view useless because MDS would override my changes - so I turned MDS off in this project because I dont need it. I am not sure what you would do if you needed it on would need to customize it a bit I guess - not easy.

PAIN in the arse to figure this one out.

O yhea and dont think just clicking the MDS to off will remove your problem check the adf-config.xml to check if any elements have been hard set to persist.

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