Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ADF Dependant select items in a table: Things I learned being stupid

Hard hard thing to do - table of dependant select items that you can add new rows to. (backing bean driven)
(When you add a new row it keeps values from the previous row)

In my search for the answer I made an forEach act like a table - by using the f:attribute to pass through the current row - crazy but I hopw this helps someone sometime.

Stuff I learned
            <af:selectOneChoice label="#{labelBundle['choice_lbl']}"
                                id="soc1" value="#{row.choiceId}"
                                autoSubmit="true" unselectedLabel="Choose...">
              <f:attribute name="currentRow" value="#{row}"/>
              <f:selectItems id="isItem" value="#{row.choiceList}"/>

Notice the f:attribute - this can pass any value to the backing bean in this case the row. - very bad for performance though.

Refresh on the component you need on value change:
in your value change listener : refreshDependantComponent("soc 2", valueChangeEvent.getComponent());

    private void refreshDependantComponent(String idMatch, UIComponent uiComponent) {
        UIComponent parent = uiComponent.getParent();
        Iterator iter = parent.getFacetsAndChildren();
        while (iter.hasNext()) {
            UIComponent iterItem =;
            if (iterItem.getId() != null && iterItem.getId().startsWith(idMatch)) {

Real solutions: :
Or dont use immediate="true"

Thanks Jeromy for sending this to me and thanks Frank for the post.

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