Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weblogic and ADF: Unintended Consequences new session between weblogic apps and our project structure

Ok so a bit of background the following is our project stucture and all works well between applications that are deployed on one weblogic server they share sessions and user principals and roles.

This setup allows us seperate jazn files across projects and to keep everything contained.

Our base application is common which contains a set of projects for view, model, and common java code

Common >
    LoginModule (JAAS stuff)
    Common (java code)
    Model (company wide common model components)
    View (company wide common model components)

Shared Model
    Model (All common lov, eo, vo files used across projects : NO Application Modules here)

Various applications deployed as ears like finance, reports etc that contain Model and View projects
Home - this is the glue that binds all our applications together in a single menu etc it has NO dependacies on the other ear applications.
  View (Menu code)

Ok so onto the problem - when logging into our home app and navigating to any other of our projects from the menu we now have to relogin not great but once the second login was done all was well with the app. I did some debugging and found on the redirect we go a new session id - weird. So I puzzeled it out when making changes for the automated login I added a property to the weblogic.xml in my view project. I removed this and everything worked as before.

The offending property:

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